Darts Australia

Darts Australia Welcome to Darwin Australia for the 16th Asia Pacific Cup.

Darts Australia will play host to the Asian Pacific Cup 2012 at the Marrara Sports Complex in Darwin starting September 26 to 29th.

Aside from the Australia, other countries who have been invited to join the Australian’s at the World Darts Federation's (WDF) Asia Pacific Cup are Japan, Singapore, Nepal, India, Iran, Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Korea, Pakistan and the Philippines.

"On the formation of our national team for the Asia Pacific Cup, Darts Australia have selected a very strong squad from a tough field of qualifiers from the national pool and having a hometown advantage, our darters will have a good chance of retaining the Cup," said DA President Kelvin James.

PROGRAM OF EVENTS (Still subject to change at this time)

Current Champions - 2010
Darts Australia Australia (Overall)
Darts Australia Koha Kokiri - New Zealand (Men's Singles)
Darts Australia Anthony Fleet & Geoff Kime - Australia (Men's Pairs)
Darts Australia Jannette Jonathan – New Zealand (Women's Singles)
Darts Australia Corrine Hammond & Lavinia Hogg (Women's Pairs)
Darts Australia Australia (Team Event)